Hokey Pokey- ice cream worth the queue

IMG_1207When it is hot out, who doesn’t feel like ice cream? That is what happened to us and thanks to the Monocle Guide, we happened to stumble upon what is allegedly the best ice place in Berlin, Hokey Pokey. I am not going to argue if this is true or not but I can say that the ice cream is delicious. I tried hokey pokey which is vanilla with caramel, chocolate with espresso and sherry, grapefruit and passion fruit with small bits of chocolate. Out of the four, passion fruit was my favorite.


When our beloved googlemaps got us to the address we were surprised that there were two Hokey Pokeys. The reason behind this is because the line was so long that they decided to open another one almost door-to-door, that way the waiting time wouldn’t be so long. Both are basically the same except that one is a bit bigger and therefore has more flavors.

IMG_1212Don’t be put off by the line because it goes fast.

In case you want to take a pint home, not to worry, they have take away.

IMG_1211Hokey Pokey

73 Stargarder Street, Berlin



Sprinkles – ATM for cupcakes


Ever since my husband took his first bite of a Sprinkles cupcake several years ago in Beverly Hills he has been dreaming of them. Sprinkles cupcakes first started in LA and now they are located in several places around the US.

IMG_6112Not only do they make great cupcakes but they are the inventors of the very first cupcake ATM, now that is genius! So midnight cravers fear no longer, you can get freshly baked cupcakes 24/7. That is if you are lucky enough to live near one. I, unfortunately, don’t.


Sprinkles also sells cookies and ice-cream. For all you fans out there, check out your nearest location: California, New York (I went to the Upper East Side one), Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, Washington DC, Georgia and Texas.

For more information click Sprinkles

Rocambolesc – who feels like an ice-cream?

The weather in Madrid this weekend feels more like summer than spring, temperatures have gone up and everyone has ever so quickly gotten into their shorts and sandals. Blue skies and a warm sun makes you feel like going out and not staying cooped up at home. I am no very fond of ice-cream in winter but I do love a good scoop when the weather is nice. Many of you have probably heard of Jordi Roca’s Rocambolesc in Girona. I am happy to say that now you can try out his ice-creams in Madrid as well at El Corte Inglés Gourmet Experience on 52 Serrano Street, right next to Street XO and Cascabel (more on Cascabel next week).


The corner is ever so charming conjuring up memories of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Who hasn’t dreamt of being in a candy land? There aren’t tons of different flavors and most of them are classic such a chocolate, Maria cookie, vanilla, roasted apple but what makes these ice-creams special are the toppings. I think you would really be missing out on them if you just ask for a plain scoop. You need to order the flavor with all the toppings meant for it. One of my favorites is roasted apple. Another option is to get creative and add your own but if it is your first time I strongly recommend that you let them do the work for you.


A place to stop and cool off.



El Corte Inglés Gourmet Experience

52 Serrano Street


50 Carrer de Santa Clara



Mistura – ice-cream lovers’ paradise

I don’t know what the weather is like in your part of the world right now, but I can tell you that in Madrid the temperature has gone up and we have clear blue skies. It seems that summer is sneaking up on us with the promise to stay. To be honest, I am not a fan of the estival season as I dread the high celsius but there are a few things that I like; one of them being the smell of freshly cut lawn, the long summer days and ice-cream. It is not that I spend the whole summer gulping it down but I do enjoy a good quality scoop during a summer stroll around the city or after a day at the beach. Surprising as it may be, it is actually hard to come upon any of the good stuff. That is why I was pleasantly surprised when my husband took me to Mistura, in Chueca neighborhood.


The two owners, Carlos and Carmelo, after various adventures ended up in India where they discovered the benefits of mixing ice-cream on a slab of ice cold granite. You pick your favorite flavors, fresh fruit or toppings and the ice-cream is mixed (mistura means to mix) on the granite, giving it a creamy texture. Keeping in mind that they only use high quality produce and eco friendly cups, napkins and spoons…well that mix can only give you some pretty good eco friendly ice-cream.




5 Augusto Figueroa Street, Madrid


DelaCrem – a piece of heaven on a hot summer day

delacrem 2

I don’t know if it was the summer heat and the fact that I was near dehydration but the mojito ice-cream at Delacrem felt like elixir from the fountain of eternal youth. It was fresh and tasty. Sorry to say that I was too busy gulping it down that I couldn’t bare to stop and take a picture. I beg forgiveness! I also tried the pink grapefruit, chocolate and hazelnut flavours at this corner shop with a small indoor sitting area and some tables outside and they were all really quite noteworthy. So if you find yourself near the area, I strongly recommend that you give them a try. I will definitely be back!

delacrem 1

Carrer Enric Granados, nº15-17



Le Tre Gazzelle- gelato


There is no doubt that no one makes ice-cream like the Italians and I have actually come to believe that it is hard to get bad ice-cream in Italy. My favourite spot in Milan is Le Tre Gazzelle, located at 22 Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, very close to the Duomo and the main shopping area. Now I am not saying that this is the best place in Milan but it is a place where I found the ice-cream to be creamy and tasty. By the way, if you are a tiramisu lover, the gelato was delicious. The fruit flavors are refreshing, ideal for those hot summer days.