Los Quesos de L’amelie – a cheese lovers must


There is no hiding it, I am sure that in a past mouse I must have been a mouse living in a French fromagerie. If you are one of those people who dies for cheese, Los Quesos de L’amelie is a must-go-to. It is located behind Arturo Soria Plaza shopping center and it has a nice garden terrace right in front. Besides buying cheese they have high tables where you can order a glass of wine and nimble away on some delicious cheese. Another option is to sit outside and enjoy the sun and the breeze.


Los Quesos de L’amelie

5 Torrecilla del Puerto Street, 28043 Madrid
Telephone- 913 88 12 

Umiko – Japanese fusion


The first time I went to Umiko I liked it but I have to say that I didn’t fall in love with it. As the months passed, many friends would talk about how much they liked Umiko and that it was among their favorite Japanese restaurants in Madrid. After so much chatter I decided that I really had to go back and now I am also a fan.


It is located near el Paseo del Prado and Alcalá Street, at 18 Los Madrazo Street. Here, two young chefs who worked at Kabuki with Ricardo Sanz, Pablo Álvaro Marcos and Juan Alcaide offer their version of Japanese fusion. The restaurant is small so getting a table can be tricky but it is worth the work. Good quality and tasty nigiri in a very laid back, fun atmosphere.

Being the oyster fan that I am, I always want to try them. I liked their version of the oyster in tempura. It adds to the natural taste of the oyster without covering it up.


We had dry ramen, it is dry because it doesn’t come in the typical soup format. The sauce came from the head of the carabinero (large red prawn). It is also a good idea to suck on the head so that you can enjoy every last drop of the taste.


Tuna Tartar


Red mullet nigiri with its spine. The spine was deep fried so that it gave a crunchiness to the nigiri.


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Triciclo- better and better


I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to write about Triciclo because it is one of those places that you just don’t want to miss. Ever since they opened, they have been improving not only the dishes but also the actual restaurant. When I went for the first time a couple of years ago I remember that I loved the food but the lighting wasn’t right and it was quite loud but with time all these minor setbacks have been taken care of and even the service has improved. The reason behind all of this is that there is so much energy and such a strong will behind Javier Goya, David Alfonso and Javier Mayor project that it could only go up.

The style of the restaurant is easy and laid back. You have some high tables at the front in case you want to have a drink and order some plates to share and then you have the tables. The restaurant has the form of a “U” and there is a big table where the two longer sides meet which is great for a bigger group.

The food is delicious. It is one of those places where you can’t go wrong. Last time we ate almost all the menu and every single dish was right on.

These are some of the dishes we had. We started off with variegated scallops, one of my favorite shellfish.


Sea bream tataki prepared “a la madrileña” which means that it has a bit of potato, tomato, garlic and then warm olive oil mixed with garlic, vinegar and soy sauce is added.


Ceviche, I found the rocoto chile slush to give the dish a kick but it was refreshing at the same time.


Yummy mushrooms with green asparagus and the best sauce in the world, egg yolk. I would eat warm egg yolk every day.


Razor-shells, after we finished eating them we actually finished off the sauce.



Roasted young pigeon served on crystal bread with young pigeon pate and truffle





Winter veggies with a thin sheet of ham and of course my best friend, egg yolk



Bombs away, these are stuffed mashed potato balls which are breaded and fried.


They said that their idea was to open a restaurant where they would like to eat, a place where there is actual cooking and I have to say that they have done just that. Keep up the great work!

IMG_7207 (1)

Triciclo (be sure to make reservations, you can book on their webpage)

28 Santa María Street, Madrid

Telephone: 910 244 798



Kirei by Kabuki – a place to eat at Madrid airport

Spring Break is just around the corner. Finally some much awaited relaxation and down time. The destinations are always most appealing be it a mountain retreat, a beachside getaway or an exciting city ready to be discovered or rediscovered but what usually gets up upset right before we reach our destination and every time more are the long waits at the airport, the auto check-in counter that never seems to be able to read your code and of course, the ridiculously over-priced yet tasteless food you get at airports.

Since the airport that I mostly use is Madrid’s I am so happy to say that there is finally a place where you can grab a bite to eat where the food is actually tasty. The service is quick, as they know that airport travellers are always on the go.

The food is not only freshly prepared sushi/sashimi but you can also get pasta, vegetables, wok and soups. The menu isn’t very extense but there is certainly something to satisfy your hunger and need to get something tasty to put a smile on your face right before you head off.


Kirei by Kabuki

Airport – Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas

Terminal 4

D’Stage – fun innovation


Diego Guerrero, the master of culinary trompe l’oeils, left El Club Allard with two-Michelin stars and decided that it was high time to start off his own venture. He envisioned a laid back place where he could let his creativity run wild. Diego wanted to leave all stiffness aside and let his clients enjoy a memorable meal while sauntering from one area to the next. You start off at the front entrance lounge where you enjoy the first appetizer which were razor shells with celery dashi and almond milk. The presentation was amazing and you get the feeling that the party is just getting started.


Then you continue onto the kitchen where you are enthralled by all the cooks as they continue with their own particular dance but one is yours for a while as she (we got a she but you could also get a he) explained to us the elaboration behind our next appetizers.

We had red prawns ceviche with rock salt and “coral de rocoto”.

Finally you reach your final destination which is the dining table where the show continues as each dish that arrives is a spectacle of surprise. As your experience continues you get the feeling that the staff is easygoing and they seem to truly enjoy what they are doing therefore passing onto you that lively feel.

Our first dish at the table was Peking Duck.


Huitlacoche mochi


Tuna, toffee and “foiesabi”. This dish was hilarious because they bring what appears to be wasabi root to the table and they start grating tons of it over your dish. I was excited because I love wasabi but a friend that was with us was getting nervous because it was going to be too spicy. You just have to go and try it.

Octopus and tomato


Raviolis with beans from Tolosa and cabbage infusion.

From summer to autumn


Brined red mullet with crunchy scales


Butcher’s sirloin steak



And now for the desserts. The first one was like a mini cocktail to help with the digestion.


Popcorn with tocino de cielo and strawberries.


and finally so that you don’t have to worry about any stray vampires when you leave, garlic.


We found the experience to be fascinating as each dish was fun and savory. Definitely a restaurant for your places-to-visit or revisit in 2016! The only down side is that they are shortly going to start closing on Saturday and Sundays. I hope 2016 brings them their second Michelin star!


8 Regueros Street 28004 Madrid
Telephone:917 02 15 86


Salon des Fleurs – delightfully vintage





Thanks to a friend who is always on the search for dainty places, we discovered Salon des Fleurs. A quaint little café on Guzmán el Bueno Street. Besides coming in for coffee or tea with your girlfriends, you can also buy flowers and plants and on the upper balcony level there are many handcrafted goods for sale such as necklaces, decorative items, teas and so on. This is such a charming place that I am just going to let the pictures do the talking.





Salon des Fleurs

106 Guzman el Bueno Street

28003 Madrid


Montia – a must in El Escorial

I had been hearing raving reviews from friends and press alike about Montia and it was the kind of place that was always on the back of our minds but we never managed to get out to El Escorial to try it. Until a couple of weeks ago and I have to say, now I am raving too. It is located in the town of San Lorenzo del Escorial, close to the famous monastery which dates back to the sixteenth century. If you are coming from out of town the monastery deserves a visit but enough about sightseeing and back to the eating. Montia is a small restaurant with a handful of tables, simply but tastefully decorated with a chimney which must be ever so cozy during the winter months.


Montia is one of those signature cuisine restaurants where you feel Daniel Ochoa and Luis Morenos’s passion for cooking, their sense of sharing an art, of trying to do things right and of working with sustainable, km 0 products which is something that I appreciate more every day. Montia doesn’t have a set menu as you can imagine but three different set menus which change every week depending on the market. There is the short menu: 5 aperitifs, 4 main dishes, cheese plate and one dessert – 38 euros. The long menu: 7 aperitifs, 5 main dishes, cheese plates and two desserts – 52 euros. The XL menu: 7 aperitifs, 6 main dishes, cheese plate and 2 desserts – 56 euros. There is a very interesting wine pairing for each of the menus which includes many natural, biodynamic wines. These types of wines might not be what you are accustomed to but it is interesting to learn about them with Dani who is eager to let you taste new things. One of the ones we had was a dry unfiltered wine which came from Georgia called Pheasant’s Tears. I have to say that I found the wine pairing to be unique especially if you are into wine and enjoy discovering new things. The peculiar part is that the wine list is all about natural wines so don’t expect to get a bottle of champagne. This might be a bit odd but it is how they envision their wine cellar.

It is quite difficult to get a table because the restaurant is small so it is usually booked but they let us in on a little secret. Since tables are booked so far ahead, they tend to have last minute cancelations. We had been trying to go for months and couldn’t get a table when were available until one Sunday. We were having breakfast and my husband saw a twit that there had been a cancelation and three hours later we were there having lunch.

As for the food I loved every single dish that came our way. The dishes are very well presented and you wanted to dig in just by looking at them. On the week that we went, I found the hare croquette to be delicious.

The pickled tench, the dish is so beautifully prepared.


The cheese with sardines and elder flower


The grilled white asparagus from Tudela with nettles and sweetbreads


River crabs with snails and a false risotto made from barley and mushrooms. A brava sauce made from the juices of the river crabs and fennel leaves


Capon meatballs, comfort food at its best, with pepitoria sauce, almonds, saffron cream and crunchy bits with come from the skin of the capon. Loved loved loved it!


The cheese plates is composed of six different cheeses (goat, cow and sheep) from near by producers.


I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so I really appreciate cleansing desserts and this one is one of them. Made with a spiral of celery and raw peas, topped with lemon dill and mint ice-cream, an almond cream and elderflowers. Delicious.


The price is fantastic and the food is even better. I am eager to go back.


4 Calvario Street – San Lorenzo del Escorial, 28200 Madrid

Telephone: 911 33 69 88