Punto MX- fabulous tasting menu

I already wrote about Punto MX when it opened several years ago raving that it was the best Mexican restaurant ever. Well, several years later and my opinion stays the same. Today I am writing to share with you their newest update and that is that the restaurant is no longer a la carte but it has evolved into a tasting menu where you only decide how long you want it to be the rest is up to chef Roberto Ruiz. There is no doubt that over the years the recipes have gotten even better and now the team has reached a point where everything is delicious, from the first appetizer to the last petit four. I left the restaurant thinking that I want to travel to Mexico to discover where these flavors originate but since I won’t be doing that any time soon I will definitely be going back for more.

The tasting menu varies with the season and market availability. This is the menu we had at the beginning of July.

The appetizers were corn or should I say corns:


vegetarian ceviche with nopal


and beef “salpicon”


Then came the starter dishes. We had guacamole with smoke marlin and 36 month parmesan cheese. It was good but since their signature guacamole is already fantastic we really didn’t see the need to improve on perfection.


Green aguachile with scallops and green summer shoots. This dish came with a side drink made with cucumber.


Carabinero, guajillo (which is a type of chile) and citrus. The side crisp was made from the carabineros and it was heavenly. They should sell them by the bags!


Now onto the main dishes. Pumpkin flower and huitlacoche quesadilla


Iberian pork taco with green tomatoes


Sole, black beans and pickled onions


Sirloin, a sauce made with bone marrow and ancho chile


For dessert

Citrus dessert


Chocolate and corn


To finish off petit fours and coffee


To drink we started off with a classical margarita and one of their newer cocktails served in a passion fruit. The only bad part about the passion fruit cocktail is that it was too small, I would have drank a liter.


I left Punto MX levitating and I can’t wait to go back.

Please note that you need to book way in advance, at least two months.

Punto MX


D’Stage – fun innovation


Diego Guerrero, the master of culinary trompe l’oeils, left El Club Allard with two-Michelin stars and decided that it was high time to start off his own venture. He envisioned a laid back place where he could let his creativity run wild. Diego wanted to leave all stiffness aside and let his clients enjoy a memorable meal while sauntering from one area to the next. You start off at the front entrance lounge where you enjoy the first appetizer which were razor shells with celery dashi and almond milk. The presentation was amazing and you get the feeling that the party is just getting started.


Then you continue onto the kitchen where you are enthralled by all the cooks as they continue with their own particular dance but one is yours for a while as she (we got a she but you could also get a he) explained to us the elaboration behind our next appetizers.

We had red prawns ceviche with rock salt and “coral de rocoto”.

Finally you reach your final destination which is the dining table where the show continues as each dish that arrives is a spectacle of surprise. As your experience continues you get the feeling that the staff is easygoing and they seem to truly enjoy what they are doing therefore passing onto you that lively feel.

Our first dish at the table was Peking Duck.


Huitlacoche mochi


Tuna, toffee and “foiesabi”. This dish was hilarious because they bring what appears to be wasabi root to the table and they start grating tons of it over your dish. I was excited because I love wasabi but a friend that was with us was getting nervous because it was going to be too spicy. You just have to go and try it.

Octopus and tomato


Raviolis with beans from Tolosa and cabbage infusion.

From summer to autumn


Brined red mullet with crunchy scales


Butcher’s sirloin steak



And now for the desserts. The first one was like a mini cocktail to help with the digestion.


Popcorn with tocino de cielo and strawberries.


and finally so that you don’t have to worry about any stray vampires when you leave, garlic.


We found the experience to be fascinating as each dish was fun and savory. Definitely a restaurant for your places-to-visit or revisit in 2016! The only down side is that they are shortly going to start closing on Saturday and Sundays. I hope 2016 brings them their second Michelin star!


8 Regueros Street 28004 Madrid
Telephone:917 02 15 86


Skina – a must when in Marbella

IMG_4747Skina has been around for over a decade, founded in 2004 by Marcos Granda and his wife María Isabel Salamanca and it is a proud member of the 1 star Michelin club since 2008. Located on a corner in the charming historical part of Marbella where the streets are cobble stone and flowers cascade from wrought iron balconies. The restaurant is surprisingly small, sitting 14 not counting the terrace tables when the weather permits.

We went there for dinner after a friend recommened it saying that if he could only go to one place in Marbella, he would go to Skina. Another couple came with us and the four of us fell in love with the restaurant. The wine list is well chosen and reasonable priced which I always say is a huge plus. You can only order sampling menus which range at 98.90 euros for the Andalussian or an A la Carte Menu (3 courses) for 84.90. Note that they only open for dinner.

The menu varies with the season but I want to show you some of the dishes that we really enjoyed so you can get an idea of how they prepare the food and what the preparations look like. The Malaga white prawns dry rice “paella”


or the red tuna tartar with watermelon and passion fruit are both Starters.


We all loved the red prawn so much that we had another two for dessert. Simply delicious!


For the main course, local red mullet served with fennel and horseradish.


Andalussian pig, served with mango and local cheese cream.


For dessert the “mojito” was very refreshing


and the cheese platter was tasty.


I am sure that if you have already been to Skina you will agree with me that it is highly recommendable and if you haven’t, I would put it on my restaurants-to-visit list for 2015.

Calle de Aduar, 12
29601 Marbella, Málaga
Telehphone:952 76 52 77