La Bomba Bistrot- your place for rice

Tourists often come to Spain with the intention of trying one of our most renowned dishes: rice or paella. We produce rice in the south of Spain, in Valencia and there is no doubt that we love rice, rice with chicken, with game, with rabbit, with pork, with vegetables… I am sure that you grasp the idea. Although many come with the intention of eating a mind boggling paella, few do and that is because a rice dish is a somewhat difficult dish to master. The rice has to be cooked just right and it must be very savory cooked by slowly incorporating the broth. It is no secret that in Spain we often say that the best rice dishes or paellas are prepared at home. Not to fret, there are places where you can have great rice and one of those places is La Bomba Bistrot.

La Bomba Bistrot is a French decorated bistrot run by Christophe, the chef and by his wife Cristina who is in the dining room. The restaurant also has a lovely terrace which is surrounded by greenery making it a delight on a spring or summer night.

If you are a Bloody Mary fan you might want to start off your meal with one. As you can see two of us went for it and the other two had vermut.


Christophe knows his rice and he has been perfecting his method for years.

Do not let the post lead you to believe that all you can have here is rice. Christophe also prepares a delicious roasted chicken and he carries butifarra (a type of sausage) from Hermanos Rovira. There are always season vegetables as well.

I love his cannelloni stuffed with guinea fowl.


And when it is time for dessert there is no doubt that the pavlova is the way to go. I have fallen in love with this merengue based dessert filled with chianti cream and topped with passion fruit, berries, raspberries and strawberries. It is the perfect way to end your meal and leave you craving for more.


La Bomba Bistrot

5 Pedro Muguruza, 28036 Madrid

The Table by La Salita

If you live in Madrid you have probably heard about The Table, which has been in Madrid now for over a year bring ever month a new chef from around Spain to Madrid. Last month we we went to La Salita, now it is too late to visit Begoña Rodrigo in Madrid but I have to say that I fell in love with her cooking and I am thinking if she cooked so well away from home, she must be fantastic in her kitchen.

La Salita is in Valencia, and now that summer is around the corner many of you may be planning a trip down to get some sun and fresh sea air and I believe that La Salita may very well be a nice place to get a good meal.

When she was in Madrid we had five mini appetizers which were served in a kind of open, two-story teepee followed by a tiara of pickled and salted  fish. This plate I found to be simply lovely.


Smoked eggplant puree with seared sardines, again beautifully served.


Artichokes, shrimp and anise juice


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Barraca – rice overlooking the Mediterranean

2013-08-02 14.50.25

Summer nights are gradually getting shorter and before we know it, we will be changing beach towels and espadrilles for scarves and an extra blanket on our bed at night but before that time arrives we still have a few beach days left. This summer I found myself in Barcelona for a few days and although it is no secret that the beach area is everything but glamorous and that the restaurants have a very touristy feel to them; I am happy to say that there is an exception to the rule, Barraca. It wasn’t initially on our list of places to visit but a friend recommended it and we decided to give it a try.

2013-08-02 14.50.53

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