Punto MX- fabulous tasting menu

I already wrote about Punto MX when it opened several years ago raving that it was the best Mexican restaurant ever. Well, several years later and my opinion stays the same. Today I am writing to share with you their newest update and that is that the restaurant is no longer a la carte but it has evolved into a tasting menu where you only decide how long you want it to be the rest is up to chef Roberto Ruiz. There is no doubt that over the years the recipes have gotten even better and now the team has reached a point where everything is delicious, from the first appetizer to the last petit four. I left the restaurant thinking that I want to travel to Mexico to discover where these flavors originate but since I won’t be doing that any time soon I will definitely be going back for more.

The tasting menu varies with the season and market availability. This is the menu we had at the beginning of July.

The appetizers were corn or should I say corns:


vegetarian ceviche with nopal


and beef “salpicon”


Then came the starter dishes. We had guacamole with smoke marlin and 36 month parmesan cheese. It was good but since their signature guacamole is already fantastic we really didn’t see the need to improve on perfection.


Green aguachile with scallops and green summer shoots. This dish came with a side drink made with cucumber.


Carabinero, guajillo (which is a type of chile) and citrus. The side crisp was made from the carabineros and it was heavenly. They should sell them by the bags!


Now onto the main dishes. Pumpkin flower and huitlacoche quesadilla


Iberian pork taco with green tomatoes


Sole, black beans and pickled onions


Sirloin, a sauce made with bone marrow and ancho chile


For dessert

Citrus dessert


Chocolate and corn


To finish off petit fours and coffee


To drink we started off with a classical margarita and one of their newer cocktails served in a passion fruit. The only bad part about the passion fruit cocktail is that it was too small, I would have drank a liter.


I left Punto MX levitating and I can’t wait to go back.

Please note that you need to book way in advance, at least two months.

Punto MX


Cascabel – mezcal bar

IMG_5423Ever since Punto MX opened in Madrid, I have been a great fan, finding their food to be absolutely delicious. Now, they have embarked on a new adventure, Cascabel, which is a mezcal bar, located on the 7th floor of El Corte Ingles Gourmet Experience (next to Street XO and Rocambolesc). Well decorated with some round tables and bar stool seating, loud music and dim lighting give off a cool vibe. Not to mention the waiters who seem to be having a great time. You will find margaritas, mezcales, tequilas…but I fell in love with Vato Loco which is a non-alcoholic drink made with lime, cucumber and mint. So fresh and tasty! IMG_5431The food of course maintains the Punto MX know-how with handmade tortillas and totopos (tortilla chips). You can have their signature guacamole which is a must for me. Scallop Ceviche with citric emulsion (picture below).IMG_5432There is a variety of different tacos made with fish, veal, pork… below is the Taco Arabe made with bullock entrecôte, chile habanero and cucumber tzaiziki. Spicy and wonderful! IMG_5424But the dish that I found to be mind-blowingly amazing was the charbroiled beef ribs covered in mulato ancho and cascabel chiles. Served with borracho sauce. This is a huge dish and it is meant for at least two people. Definitely one of the best ribs I have ever tried! IMG_5435

You can also eat in the terrace if you prefer alfresco dining and since you are on the seventh floor, the view of Madrid is quite nice.



Remember that Cascabel does not take reservations so it is a great place to just pop in and have some fun.


Gourmet Experience – El Corte Inglés

85-87 Serrano Street 

opens every day

average price from 35 -50 euros but it depends greatly on how much you drink